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Massages provide an enjoyable, relaxing experience, but many first-time clients can feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect, or what is expected of them. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, you should know how to get the most from your massage. Read through the following tips to ensure an amazing experience at your next appointment.

Hydrate Before and After Your Massage

Massage stimulates blood flow and circulation through your body and aids in waste removal from your muscles. Hydration is necessary to help the process work better, so be sure to drink plenty of water for at least 24-48 hours before your appointment. After the massage, you should continue hydrating. If you’re not drinking plenty of water, you may feel some residual soreness from the massage, indicating your muscles are dehydrated.

Arrive On Time

Being late for your massage appointment causes stress, the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with the session. If you arrive feeling rushed, it will take longer for your body to relax during the massage. Plan to arrive at your appointment about 10 minutes early. This will help account for any traffic or other obstacles on the way there, and it will allow you a little buffer time to mentally prepare once you arrive.

Identify Your Clothing Comfort Level

Often, the #1 stressor for first time massage clients is deciding how much clothing to remove. It is normal for clients to completely undress, but it is not a requirement. It is up to you how comfortable you are, so you can remain partially clothed if you’d like. The goal of the massage is for you to be relaxed, and that includes the moments leading up to the massage. Your massage therapist will provide privacy before and after your massage appointment while you undress and redress. Your massage therapist will also provide a sheet to cover yourself, and they will only uncover each part of your body as they are massaging it.


While getting a massage, it is beneficial for you to breathe deeply, like you’re meditating. This helps to provide more oxygen to your blood. Since the massage affects blood flow, this oxygen rich blood will flow faster to the muscles, making them feel rejuvenated. Focusing on your breathing can also help you relax mentally, to fully enjoy the massage.


Communicating with your massage therapist is vital to helping you get the most from your massage. This communication starts from the moment you say hello. Discuss with your massage therapist if you have any allergies to specific oils, lotions, or powders. It’s also helpful to identify any areas where you may be experiencing more tension or pain. For example, you may have a musculoskeletal injury that needs a little more attention during the session. Don’t be afraid to also discuss any nervousness you are experiencing. It is common to feel nervous ahead of your first massage, and your therapist can help with any concerns you have.

If music is playing and preventing you from relaxing, don’t be afraid to say something. If you’re not in the mood to talk, again let the massage therapist know. Massages can cause some discomfort, but if the discomfort is more than you can handle or it becomes painful, make your massage therapist aware. You can also expect that your therapist will check in throughout the session to make sure you’re comfortable.

Make Additional Appointments

A single massage can be relaxing, but to get the most from your massage and experience the full benefits, you will want to schedule additional appointments. Scheduling multiple appointments can improve the therapeutic effects of the massage, and you will feel that with each subsequent massage, your body responds more quickly. You may even feel more relaxed each time.

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