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Getting a massage can help you feel great both physically and mentally. Not only is this spa treatment helpful for reducing stress and promoting relaxation, it can also help relieve pain. Determining the underlying causes of your pain and speaking with a massage therapist can help you on the path to relief. If you are dealing with chronic pain, consider the benefits of massage therapy.

What is causing your pain?

If you are experiencing any type of physical pain, it is important to determine what is causing it. Even if you find relief, you may end up in the same painful situation if you do not address the underlying cause of your discomfort. Some of the most common causes of pain can include:

  • Poor posture. A lot of people spend long periods of time sitting at a desk for work, but this can cause people to develop poor posture. With time, poor posture can lead to chronic pain.
  • Arthritis. There are different types of arthritis, but pain and stiffness are common symptoms that people may experience as a result of this condition.
  • Sports injuries. Athletes are no strangers to pain. Accidents can lead to serious injuries and pain, but the repetitive movements that athletes do while training can also cause pain and discomfort in different parts of the body.
  • Work-related injuries. People with physically-demanding jobs can also develop pain issues as a result of repetitive movements or injuries.

Finding out what is responsible for your pain is a great first step to take to finding relief. While you are working on solving the issues that cause your pain, you can turn to massage therapy to start finding relief right away.

How can massage help you find relief?

Massage therapy in Tucson can provide numerous benefits, including helping to relieve chronic pain, lower back pain, and pain associated with a variety of injuries and conditions. There are many reasons why the techniques associated with massage therapy can help reduce pain symptoms:

  • Increasing circulation. Massaging the muscles helps to increase circulation, allowing oxygenated blood to move more easily to the muscle cells. This improves overall cellular health, resulting in less stiffness and easier movement.
  • Relaxing muscle tissue. Applying pressure through massage can also help relax the muscle tissue. Injuries and repetitive movements can compress the nerves in the muscles, causing pain and discomfort. Massage helps decompress the nerves by relaxing the tissue. This can offer significant relief to people who are suffering from muscle spasms, contractions, and other uncomfortable issues.
  • Releasing serotonin and oxytocin. Massage therapy is also associated with hormones that can help with pain. Serotonin and oxytocin, also known as “feel-good” hormones, can be released during a massage treatment. Serotonin helps the body handle pain and also promotes a more positive attitude. Oxytocin is associated with relaxing the muscles and helping people feel a sense of calmness.
  • Promoting deeper sleep. The mental and physical relaxation provided by massage can also help people enjoy deeper and more restorative sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is linked to higher sensitivity to pain. If you are not getting proper sleep, then your pain may be harder to handle. Luckily, massage therapy can make it easier to get the restful sleep your body needs to promote better healing and less pain.

Your massage therapist will want to help you relax and make the most of this experience. If you are getting a massage and think of anything that would make you feel more comfortable, do not be afraid to speak up at any point during the treatment.

How often should you get a massage?

Incorporating massage therapy into your life is a great way to experience all of these benefits and many more. Depending on the cause of your pain, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor, coach, or other medical or sports professional to find out what steps you can take to get relief from your pain. You can also discuss the benefits of massage and how to incorporate this treatment into your routine. After finding a massage therapist, it is also important to talk to them about your goals so they can help you determine how often you should schedule your appointments. Typically, getting a massage once or twice a month can be a great starting point. You can always start scheduling more frequent appointments as needed in the future.

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