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2020 – need we say more? This year, stress has reached new heights for many of us. Between learning how to juggle working from home, justing to kids taking online classes, and with the holiday season in full swing, everything can feel a bit more overwhelming than usual. Luckily, there is a simple (and super enjoyable) way to reduce your stress and feel better both mentally and physically. Keep reading to discover how visiting a Tucson massage spa can help you say goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation.

Helping with Depression and Anxiety

Stress, depression, and anxiety are often linked. If you are depressed or anxious, it can make you feel stressed out, and then more stress can make these issues more severe. Luckily, stress doesn’t just help with the physical factors associated with stress—it can also help with the mental factors associated with it, such as depression and anxiety. Visiting a Tucson massage spa can be a great way to help yourself feel better and more relaxed.

Giving You the Time to Free Your Mind

Do you have a hard time putting your thoughts on hold? Whether you are thinking about family, your home, work, your community, or a combination of those elements, it can be difficult to give yourself a break from your constant thoughts and worries. When you get a massage, it is easy to free your mind and focus on your relaxation. Your Tucson spa treatment will provide the perfect space for you to take that much needed mental break.

Reducing Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Stress can affect the body in a number of ways. When we feel stressed out, it is normal for us to experience an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure levels. This can put extra strain on the heart, which may have a negative impact on our overall heart health. Studies have shown that getting a massage can help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure levels, allowing you to feel more relaxed and enjoy better health. If you are concerned with your heart health, consider incorporating regular massages into your routine.

Providing Relief from Postural Stress

Have you ever heard someone say that sitting is the new smoking? It might sound unbelievable, but the amount of time we spend sitting these days can take quite a toll on our bodies! Postural stress occurs when we sit for long periods of time, especially when we don’t have a suitable chair. This can cause pain in the lower back and shoulders and even contribute to headaches and TMJ pain. Getting a massage is a great way to help your body counteract the effects of postural stress so you can feel better from head to toe.

Making it Easier to Sleep

If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, you are definitely not alone. Stress can make it hard for people to get the restful sleep they need to feel alert and productive throughout the day. Massage therapy helps you relax both mentally and physically, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. When you get better sleep, you’ll be able to better handle any stress you encounter during the day!

Relieving Muscle Pain

It is no secret that massage therapy is a great option when you are dealing with muscle pain and soreness. But exercise and other physical activity are not the only causes of muscle pain and soreness. Did you know that stress can also result in muscle pain? Your muscles tense up when you are stressed and the more often you feel stressed out, the more time your muscles spend tensed up, leading to pain and soreness. Getting a massage can help soothe your sore muscles, giving them a chance to relax and counteract the effects of stress.

Helping with Chronic Health Issues

Chronic illnesses and injuries can cause both physical and mental stress. If you are living with a chronic health condition such as a digestive disorder, a soft tissue injury, or a condition such as fibromyalgia, then you likely have to deal with a variety of daily stressors. When included as part of a larger health care plan, massages can help people who struggle with chronic health issues find relief from the pain and stress they encounter on a regular basis.

If you are ready to experience the stress-reducing benefits of massage for yourself, you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment at a Solai! Our Tucson spas provide a warm and inviting environment that makes it easy to start feeling relaxed as soon as you step inside. You can contact Spa Solai Skyline at (520) 447-7727 ext 1 or Spa Solai 6th at (520) 447-7727 ext 3 to learn more or to schedule your appointment.